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About Blumenau

Blumenau is a Brazilian city in the Southern Region, located in the state of Santa Catarina, in the middle region of Vale do Itajai and Blumenau microregion. Host city of the metropolitan area of ​​Vale is the third most populous city in the state, the 11th in the South and only city-wide average of Santa Catarina, constituting one of its main industrial centers, and technological university.

A piece of Germany is jammed in the Vale do Itajai. The legacy of immigrants is everywhere, from the half-timbered architecture of good food, which is typical dish like stuffed duck. Not to mention a passion for beer and the profile of the residents, most have blond hair and blue eyes.

Walking is the best way to appreciate the beautiful buildings of Blumenau. Spread across the same street, the traditional XV November, works help tell the saga of the colonizers. To not miss any postcard, its worth making a roteirinho that begins at the railroad bridge and ends at Colonial Family Museum.

Along the way, the attention the town hall, the Teatro Carlos Gomes, the Cathedral of St. Paul the Apostle, with a huge stone tower and beautiful stained glass windows, the Castelinho Tourism, the Cultural Foundation and the Museum of Brewing Blumenau.

Besides hosting the historic buildings, Rua XV November is also the center of attention during Oktoberfest, the second largest beer festival in the world. It is there that the place lively and traditional parades, with attraction ranging from bands and floats to the typical fanfare that distribute free beer.

At night, the party moves to the German Village Park, where over 600 million people are spread across three pavilions in search of cold beer, German cuisine, especially the pork chop (kassler), the pork knuckle (eisben) and sausages - and lots of fun. The "off-season carnival" lasts 17 days, all very crowded - not to be left out of the revelry is advisable to book accommodation in advance.

Speaking of beer, one of the best artisan brands in the country is produced in Blumenau. The Eisenbahn is served during Oktoberfest and also in the bar of the factory, one of the points of the city. By then, the experience is requested menu options from start to finish, there are small samples for visitors to taste each product.


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