Blue Lake Cave

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In the cave, you are enchanted with many rare beauties
The cave of the blue lake is simply enchanting. An amazing place that holds the limestone sculptures created over time and dazzle passers-by take. You can also practice diving and floating in the beautiful blue waters of the hand that transluze and enchants.

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The Blue Lake Cave was discovered by a Terena Indians in 1924 and still enchants all. Has a cave inside a blue lake with dimensions that make it one of the largest cavities flooded the planet.

In 1992 a Franco-Brazilian expedition espeleomergulhadores found a series of fossil mammals - such as the saber-toothed tiger and giant sloth - who lived during the Pleistocene geological period - 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.

After a descent of 100 m, is faced with an intensely blue water lake, whose depth is estimated to be 90 m.

With its geological formations - not just the ceiling as the floor of the cave is full of speleothems of various shapes and sizes - caught the attention of tourists and researchers worldwide.

Nobody knows for sure where they come from its waters, it is believed in the existence of an underground river, which feeds the lake.


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