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The world of Beto Carrero is just perfect and charming
The world of the Beto Carrero World is the largest theme park in Latin America. Created pro Sergio Batista John Murad, Beto Carrero, the park currently receives on average 300,000 people per summer, seeking fun and entertainment. The park offers many different activities for tourists.

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In 1991, Camboriú entered once at the map, with the opening of the largest theme park in Latin America, the Beto Carrero World.

The park receives an average of 300,000 people during the summer, adults and children who arrive in search of fun, adrenaline and spectacles.

After a visit to the Disney park in the United States, the dreamer Beto Carrero decided to put their hands to work and build their own resources with the greatest and most amazing multi-theme park in the world.

He sold everything he had and bought a property in the municipality of Penha, located on a beautiful stretch of the coast of Santa Catarina, which lies 33km from Camboriú will. Today, the amusement park called Beto Carrero World is to limit the greatness of the enterprise.

In the magical world of the cowboy there are attractions for all ages. While small in Kidplay have fun, full of tubes, tunnels, mazes and slides.

The grown-class line up to enjoy the biggest roller coaster in the country, Fire Whip, with 700 meters long, 40 high, five inverted loops and tracks.

It also makes Raskapuska success, a number of boats to navigate inside a mountain. Since the shows and circus acts together all generations, as well as the zoo, which houses over 700 animals of 171 species from the Americas, Asia and Africa.


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