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About Belém

Belém is a Brazilian city, capital of Pará state, belonging to the Metropolitan Mesoregion Bethlehem and Bethlehem Microregion With an area of ​​approximately 1 064,918 km ², is located in northern Brazil, 2146 kilometers distant from Brasilia.

When it comes to Bethlehem, all thoughts refer to the Cirio de Nazare, market Ver-o-Peso and the duck in tucupi. The state capital, however, has much more to offer. Since 2000, the city is going through a revitalization process that comes repaginando the local architecture - but always preserving the original characteristics.

So with the Docks Station, a collection of abandoned warehouses of the port on the shores of the Bay of Guajará. The beautiful English iron structure won glass walls and air conditioning and the status of the cultural and gastronomic meeting bars, restaurants, art exhibitions and film.

The same recipe was used in the old prison St. Joseph, renamed Pole Jeweller and which now houses the Museum of the gems of the state and the Craftsman house. And also the home of the Eleven windows, a lovely townhouse that served as a military hospital transformed into an art gallery.

The scenario also features the glamor of the Theatre of Peace, funded by the barons at the height of the cycle of rubber, and the sumptuousness of the churches, including the Cathedral and the Cathedral Basilica of Nazareth, points of departure and arrival of the Candle, the largest Catholic procession in the country with over two million participants.

But not only of architecture lives Bethlehem, known until recently as the rustic gateway to the Amazon. This period remains - firm and strong - the market Ver-o-Peso, the meeting point of Belenenses and best place for tourists to appreciate the exotic flavors and aromas regional. In the hundreds of stalls is a bit of everything: extensive range fruits, spices, herbs and traditional tacacá, a broth made with tucupi, a type of cassava starch, jambu, a local herb, dried shrimp and chilli.

The delicacy is served boiling, despite the heat wave plaguing the capital the entire year. Speaking of food, the city gained a lot of points in the question. It´s great to offer good and charming restaurants specializing in various cuisines, but always hold surprises with local ingredients.

The rich and diverse nature of the north is present in the capital. Streets, ensure hoses to soften the shade temperatures, while the parks and forests show a bit of life in the jungle. In Garças Mangal, on the edge of river waterfront, hundreds of species of native flora and fauna can be enjoyed in a leisurely stroll.


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