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The jaguar and takes refuge in the woods lurks hunting
The Bela Vista Biological refuge is an environmental reserve, including several birds, birds and wild animals that sought refuge after devastation in some areas of the Atlantic. In some cages is possible the entry of tourists accompanied by his guide.

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The Bela Vista Biological Refuge is a conservation unit created on June 27, 1984, with 1,920 hectares to receive thousands of plants and animals homeless. Located between the Iguaçu National Park and the Big Island, plays a key role in preserving the environment in the TBA. It is the oldest and most successful project in this area.

Moreover, the reserve includes a kind of green corridor linking the Iguaçu National Park to Guaira, passing lanes to protect the reservoir, the Brazilian and Paraguayan banks, totaling 40 000 hectares.

The animals, which are more than 300 from 81 different species, are a major attraction of the area. These include birds, mammals and reptiles, some endangered.

Of note is the the marsh deer, tapir, ocelot and, of course, the jaguar is called Juma, recalling the character in the novel Cristiana Oliveira Pantanal, which turned into a jaguar. The center has bred about 800 animals of 42 species.

The refuge is open to visitors, but you need to schedule in advance. Tel: 0800-645-4645
Address: End of Avenida Tancredo Neves (Reception Center Visitor)


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