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About Beberibe

The craftsmanship of colored sand and cliffs of various shades that accompany much of the waterfront are reputed to Beberibe. The postcard is Morro Branco, the busiest beach, four kilometers from centrinho and also circumvented by dunes and reefs.

Morro Branco is still one of the busiest scenarios for buggy rides. The tour includes stops close to cracking the maze of cliffs formed by erosion and the sands of various shades. Also on the beach, especially in the square of the village, which visitors find the traditional bottles decorated with grains of colored sand.

Buggy arrives at the beautiful beach of sources, with fountains of fresh water, caves, dunes, cliffs and calm waters that attract families. For those with small valley include in the script Urua Lagoon, surrounded by booths with tables almost in the water and boat rides, jet skiing and kayaking.

More distant are the beaches of Diogo, little busy and accompanied by dunes and freshwater taps; Bar Sacutinga with fishing village, cliffs and kiosks; Aryans, accessible by buggy; Prainha do Canto Verde, very quiet, Paradise, deserted and dotted with lagoons, and Parajuru, with tents and temporary streams.


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