Beaches of Recife

Maria Farinha Beach


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Maria Farinha The beach got its name because the visit of an illustrious caranguejinho that is camouflaged amid the sand to have a beige color and then look like dust with flour. The beach also holds many riches found only in Recife, one of the most beautiful places in Brazil.

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Itamaracá Island

Ilha de Itamaracá
Ilha de Itamaracá.

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The island of Itamaracá is simply stunning. Protected by Law, the island attracts tourists because it is beautiful and charming book for anyone who wants to tour with her. The beach is known to promote raft rides and boats, and protect Fort Orange, monument built by the Dutch and rebuilt by the Portuguese in 1654.

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Calhetas Beach


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A small beach located in Cape St. Augustine, Calhetas attracts tourists for its tranquility and its beauty preserved in nature. ideal to enjoy a swim, there you can visit the Valley of the Moon, up the hill, a lovely place now abitado by hippies.

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Boa Viagem Beach

Praia de Boa Viagem
Praia de Boa Viagem.

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The Beach of Good Trip is a magnificent place, full of riches and natural beauty still preserved by man. Although it is beautiful, we must be cautious because the beach is usually to be visited by sharks in some parts of the sea. Nevertheless, the beach is quiet and receives many tourists.

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