Beaches of Fortaleza

Meireles Beach

Praia do Meireles
Praia do Meireles.

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A beach of beautiful landscapes, Meireles beach is an ideal place for those seeking a vacation quiet and cozy. Tourists are enchanted by its natural beauty preserved amid a wall of houses and buildings in Fortaleza. Undoubtedly the beach of Meireles is the right destination for you and your Famili fun.

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Iracema Beach

Praia de Iracema
Praia de Iracema.

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Iracema beach reserves WHAT more beautiful Ceara offers. It is in the Iracema beach which is a metal bridge, a platform which enters the sea and allows tourists to watch a wonderful evening. Iracema Beach also reserves beautiful statues along its Rim, lovely postcards.

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Beach of the Future

Praia do Futuro
Praia do Futuro.

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The beach of the Future is one of the best known and most visited beaches of Fortaleza. Reserve WHAT more beautiful the coast of Ceará can offer. Pale and soft sand, clear water pools and cuisine typical of Fortaleza are a true paradise. Choppy waters that allow the practice of surfing and snowboarding.

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Beach Mucuripe


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The main source of income for residents of Mucuripe is fishing. Mucuripe Beach hosts the meeting of Brazilian society, where the humble shelter of caiçaras meet the huge buildings of downtown Fortaleza. The fish market is the most popular tourist spot for tourists where you can buy fresh fish at the time.

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