Beach Stella Maris

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Palm trees complement the beauty of Stella Maris
A merge of the best beaches in Salvador, Stella Maris does link several other sights Bahian popular with tourists. The practice of sand board is quite sought after since the Stella Maris beach is full of beautiful and huge dunes. If you prefer, you can also learn or practice Surf.

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Stella Maris, Latin, Star of the Sea, is an upscale neighborhood of Salvador, and has attracted thousands of tourists to know more of a Brazilian beauties. The neighborhood of Stella Maris unites some of the most famous beaches in Salvador, including the Flamengo beach.

The Stella Maris beach also has portions protected by rocks forming natural pools at low tide, perfect for those with children.

Surrounded by dunes, tourists seek to enjoy practicing sand boarding, a sport which uses a board similar to that used for snowboarding and down from the top of the dune to reach the water.
More tourists to the most radical is possible to perform the practice of surfing, because the beach has good waves that allow you to enjoy and to venture upon the waters.

The night Stella Maris is very busy and offers visitors of bars, restaurants and cafeterias with the right to live forro and nightclubs for the more restless.


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