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Situated between the beaches and Bones John Fernandes, Sour Azedinha and form part of an environmental protection area. Access can be made ​​to walk through a trail of 200 m after the beach or by water taxi Bones, always available at the pier to the center or even the beach Bones.

Arriving visitors will find a small rocky shores of Bahia, with little slope, surrounded by greenery with a stunning beach and oriented towards the west with a direct view of the sunset.

The beaches form a large pristine pool, quiet and warm, with golden sand and a sea of green lemon, and so bears that name.

There on the beach an old colonial style mansion, built by the family of the "owner" of the city earlier in the century, a traditional point in B˙zios and their images the most widespread in the city.

There are also beach kiosk, and boats anchored near the beach offering drinks and snacks. Rental equipment for diving and kayaking.


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