Beach of the Future

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The kiosks that surround the beach make special coverage, beautiful palm trees and stands with typical food
The beach of the Future is one of the best known and most visited beaches of Fortaleza. Reserve WHAT more beautiful the coast of Ceará can offer. Pale and soft sand, clear water pools and cuisine typical of Fortaleza are a true paradise. Choppy waters that allow the practice of surfing and snowboarding.

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Occupying eight of the 25 km extension of Ceará beaches, the beach of the future is considered one of the most famous beaches and planned in the Northeast. It has a corridor of stalls, usually made ​​of carnauba straw, where it served a variety of dishes.

Beach of the future is also the name given to a neighborhood, which was divided into two beaches, the Praia do Futuro I and II. The Praia do Futuro is a favorite beach of Fortaleza swimmers, being the only one that is not polluted.

The beach is full of pools and charms, more care must be taken because the beach of the future is considered the most dangerous in relation to strong currents and deep ditches. The scenery of the neighborhood is not very attractive, several vendors and abandoned buildings, plus the beauty of Praia do Futuro conceals any landscape.

Complete the picture fluffy sands and clear, strong waves and dunes. At night the beach of the Future is full of attractions, especially on Thursdays, when the beach became a stage for shows forró and humor, and parties led by DJ´s. Some stalls offer as attractive show with torches and tables reserved on the lawn to the beach.

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