Beach Mucuripe

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Vista Beach Fortaleza, charming.
The main source of income for residents of Mucuripe is fishing. Mucuripe Beach hosts the meeting of Brazilian society, where the humble shelter of caiçaras meet the huge buildings of downtown Fortaleza. The fish market is the most popular tourist spot for tourists where you can buy fresh fish at the time.

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Mucuripe is a small bastion of caiçaras in the inner city of Fortaleza. There is everything on the beach in Fortaleza, sports court, and particularly, many rafts filled with delicious crawfish.

With clear and soft sand, the beach stands out surrounded by giant palm trees that make the landscape more beautiful.

Among the attractions, the fish market of Fortaleza stands out. With fresh fish, the market attracts many tourists take the opportunity to bring quality home.

The contrast of the company is also present in Mucuripe Beach. In the midst of so many huge buildings and the chic village of fishermen out in the middle of humility.

The night Mucuripe get more movement and beauty. The bars and restaurants are noted for their cuisine Ceará and attracts tourists for a ride on the edge of the beach in the moonlight.


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