Beach Millionaires

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The place is simply lovely to meet tourists seeking peace and quiet.
The beach has been named The Million constant residents to receive the Islanders, who most often visited the beach by car, making caiçaras intitulassem local beach the beach as the Millionaires. Another factor was the amount of mansions built by coffee barons in place.

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South of Ilheus you have access to the beach of Millionaires, a lovely place that allows tranquility to tourists. The beach is seven kilometers from the center and has fine white sand, over a wide range, ideal for sports.

Got its name according to the mansions of coffee barons that existed along this stretch of coast. Another reason was also because it is far from the city and have access only by car, causing the local population apelidasse visitors of "millionaires" because they have the vehicle.

Many lodges and cabins around this area. The huts and restaurants attract a large crowd during the weekend and summer. The quality of the food in this region is surprisingly delicious.

There are many beautiful palm trees surrounding the beach and leave with a landscape even more breathtaking. The waves are good for surfers who seek adventure.


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