Beach Galheta

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The huge rocks Galheta adorn the landscape and the beach make it one of the most beautiful postcards of Floripa
Galheta Beach is known for being half empty and do not have any infrastructure, it is ideal for those who enjoy nature in its entirety. It is there that the practitioners are nude, be more assured that the practice of nudism is not mandatory and can be visited with the use of clothes.

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Although it is located between two busiest beaches of the island of Santa Catarina, the burette is semi-deserted beach, accessible by a trail of 300 meters from the northern coast of Praia Mole.

Totally virgin, without infrastructure of bars and restaurants Cruet is ideal for those who enjoy nature in its entirety.

Small areas of freshwater showers provide refreshing and revitalizing, the crystalline waters and modern, the wide strip of 950 meters of beach with fine white sand, stones and the frame of mountains covered with low vegetation and remnant of the Atlantic are Galheta a paradise, where silence is only broken by the waves.

Protected by a hill that keeps it isolated from the road, Cruet, since the seventies, is popular with naturists, although the practice of nudism has never been mandatory.

Surfers also enjoy the best waves of the place.

The beach Galheta is 20 km away from downtown Florianopolis.


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