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About Bauru

Bauru is a Brazilian city in the state of São Paulo. It belongs to the Meso and Micro-region of Bauru, being located northwest of the state capital, lying approximately 326 km of this.

It occupies an area of 673.488 km ², of which 68.9769 km ² are the urban and 604.51 km ² remaining constitute the countryside. In 2011 its population was estimated by the IBGE in 346 076 inhabitants, and in 2010 was the 18th most populous of São Paulo.

Business tourism and campuses of public universities move to Bauru quiet all year. For anyone passing through the region with little in tow, the tip is to make a pit stop to see the attractions of the city.

One is the park Piratininga of Aguas Calientes, about 20 miles from Bauru, with thermal pools and cold water, slides, dam with an artificial beach, playgroung and sports courts.

Also worth visiting the zoo with animals of about 250 species. Among the best ones are the family of baboons and the friendly penguins. The space also offers walking trails through woods and native lectures.

Quit the day tasting the famous sandwich named after the city. Chic in Bauru, Bauru beside the Mall, the menu brings ten variations of breakfast, besides the original recipe, which takes roast beef, tomato, pickle and four cheeses in a special French bread.

For dessert, churros busiest bet on the Square of Peace From mass sequinha are filled with traditional sweets and chocolate milk, and cheese and sweet pumpkin.

To appreciate the region´s high, the glider ride is good choice. The tour lasts between 15 and 45 minutes and, for the most fearful, information: the Aero Club of Bauru is the reference activity.


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