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One of the main meetings of motorcyclists in the country was born with a passion for four barretenses - estradeira a bike. In mid-1999, Gilberto Jesus Rao, Calil Calil Said, Samir Ali Ubaiz and James, had the idea to start a gathering of bikers in Barry.

For the project off the ground, the club, what would be called Motoclube Spirit of Freedom, the Association sought The Independent, which made available a complete infrastructure - the Parks Pawn - to develop the event.

In 2003, The Independent and Motoclube held the first event. According to the current secretary and a founder of Spirit of Freedom, Gilberto Rao at the time the project was taken to the Independent Jeronimo Luis Muzetti that forwarded the proposal to the president of The Independent that year, Emilio Carlos dos Santos, Caca. "They all liked motorcycles and saw an interesting opportunity event. When the project began to leave the paper we made​​. "

According to the president of The Independent at the time, Caca, the event came from a meeting with the objectives of its management - become a pawn in the Park "Event Plant." "In the same year we also Motorcycles Barry Rock Fest," he recalls. The Rock Fest is held to date with the gathering of motorcyclists.

For Rao, the third and fourth edition of Motorcycles were essential to consolidate the party. "Between 2005 and 2006, we managed to gather a large number of public and demonstrate that like us, many people shared passion for speed on two wheels."

The Motorcycles Barry was so successful that today, with a history of 10 years, is a major motorcycle gatherings in the country, providing three-day event attractions for all tastes.


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