Barra do Saí

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Its horseshoe shape gives a very cozy touch to the beach, with calm, clear waters and white sand. In the southern corner of the beach, are the rocks of Canto Bravo. Very high, forming a natural pool amazing and gorgeous.

In another corner of the beach is Rio Sahy, Bathing Caiçara Village Chapel, built in the early century for caiçaras. Do not forget to see and enjoy a dip unforgettable.

I left the bar is a family resort and has a whimsical and regional cuisine. The best wave Sahy Bar, is the parcel that sits in the left corner of the beach, with a swell from the southeast over 6 "long and maneuverable left.

In the right corner also with south swell, well over 6 ´waves are heavier and difficult to present good condition w / surf (closes very quickly.) The best season is from April to November.


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