Barra de Tabatinga Beach

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Viewed from above, a haven of natural beauty
Barra de Tabatinga an immense reserves of natural beauty with a touch Natal. A beach full of charm that gives you an unforgettable season. Among the attractions, the more inviting is to visit the dolphins at the edge of the beach at dusk the day, that enchant tourists with a stunt show.

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The beach of Barra de Tabatinga is surrounded by cliffs and full of natural beauty. Surrounded by reefs, Barra de Tabatinga is a beach and a calm waves of the most recommended for tourism.

Her beauty extends the geographical formations, dunes and cliffs between. Barra de Tabatinga brings along the edge of a long barrier reef, which would be the bar that gives name to the open beach. The landscape of cliffs, dunes and rocks, is similar to most beaches on the south coast of Rio Grande do Norte.

The dolphins, which can be seen on the beach during high tide, charm and attract tourists to a wonderful spectacle. On the road that gives access to the region there is a proper lookout for this, the Dolphin Lookout, which provides structure and restaurant bathrooms.

A typical craft RN very popular in Barra de Tabatinga is a bobbin lace, a work hard on a pillow made ​​of a cylinder that serves as support for the making of lace.


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