Barra de São Miguel

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About Barra de São Miguel

Barra de São Miguel is a Brazilian municipality located in the metropolitan area of Maceió, state of Alagoas. It lies 09 º 50´24 "south latitude and 35 º 54´28" west longitude at an altitude of 2 meters and covers an area of ​​76.96 km ². Its population in 2004 was 7112 inhabitants.

There are few tourists know that Barra de São Miguel only as a point of departure for Gunga beach. What they do not know is that the little city hosts one of the favorite resorts of the elite Alagoas, with a beautiful beach pools at low tide and strong waves on high. Good training, incidentally, makes San Miguel scenario of constant regional championships surf.

One of the rides is the busiest boat, leading to the beach and the lagoon Gunga Roadmap, through islets, mangroves and barrier reefs.

Gunga, one of the postcards of Alagoas dotted with coconut trees and fine sand, is the area of a coconut plantation, the meeting of sea and lagoon.

Many bars are scattered along the shore - in high season, usually fill with excursions coming from Maceió. In this case, just walk a bit to find a strip of sand almost empty.

Also on the beach of San Miguel is the common presence of charter buses on weekends. The class takes care of the area that focuses bars and kiosks. To escape the buzz, go to the section in front of the mansion, which is less crowded.


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