Barra da Tijuca Beach

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Barra da Tijuca is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and one of the most sought by tourists
Barra da Tijuca is one of the most popular beaches in Rio de Janeiro for attracting many famous and is situated in a neighborhood of the city. its natural beauty enchants the tourists who enjoy a period of rest and tranquility. It is the economic, cultural and political region.

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Barra da Tijuca is 15 kilometers long and thus, the largest beach in Rio. Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the mass of Pedra Branca and Tijuca in the Southwest Zone of Rio de Janeiro, capital of the eponymous state, Barra da Tijuca is formed largely by barrier islands separated from the mainland by an extensive lagoon.

It is the economic, cultural and political region. As the largest district in the region in both area and population, the neighborhood stretches from Barra Square and channel Joatinga up avenues Salvador Allende and Alfredo Baltazar da Silveira, and from the ocean to the lakes of Tijuca, and the Camorim Jacarepagu.

The greenish waters are good for bathing and form waves that attract fans of surf and bodyboard. The winds gather kite surfers and windsurfers. Filled with condos, the beach offers kiosks and bicycle paths.

In the evening you have leisure facilities like bars and restaurants in the beach bar Orla da Tijuca, or if you prefer, concert halls and nightclubs downtown Rio receiving its tourists with open arms.


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