Balneário Camboriú

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When you arrive in the city already faces a huge perfection

About Balneário Camboriú

Camboriú is a city in the state of Santa Catarina and is part of the metropolitan region of Foz do Itajai River, northern coast.

Stands out as the most densely populated municipality of Santa Catarina, with over 2,350 inhabitants per km ².

Camboriú has one of the highest densities of buildings in Brazil. Despite having just over 100 000 inhabitants, its structure building holds approximately 1 million people, often outdated brand in the high season.

The friendly city of Camboriú, on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, is almost a miniature of the Marvelous City.

In addition to the monument to Christ, has the main thoroughfare named Atlantic Avenue and a cable car similar to the Sugar Loaf cable car, complete with beautiful scenery with the sea on one side and mountains on the other.

And the similarities do not end there. In summer, the night agitated and increased with great bars and nightclubs attract people from all over the state, besides the neighboring Parana, Argentine gauchos and who do not return to the inns before daybreak.

Commerce, which offers high street shops, malls and sophisticated camelódromos also entertains visitors, who are still a generous cuisine, ranging from seafood to authentic gaucho barbecue.

Camboriú abounds also with ecotourists, that there are ideal scenarios to assess the nature and practice outdoor activities.

In Unipraias Park, which comprises the three stations through which the cable car, there are hiking trails, a tree climbing circuit that is among the most exciting of the country, opened in summer 2009, a radical mountain sled.

What to do in Balneário Camboriú

In Camboriú, attraction is not lacking, and for that, let´s here some tips of the main places to visit and for you to enjoy your trip.

For starters, those visiting the city strives to meet its beautiful beaches, and the first is the Central Beach, which can be seen immediately on arrival will Camboriú. The Central Beach is known for its beautiful landscape that blend the natural beauty and human settlements, surrounding the beach.

At the south coast, you know Orange Beach, which is six kilometers from the center and holds many wonderful things for you. From there, you get to an amazing cable car ride, which to discover the inlet of the high Camboriú.

The cable car rides can be made ​​from the park Unipraias too, which also offers canopy tours, trails and lookouts for tourists.

Another well known by tourists and is very close to Camboriú is the theme park Beto Carrero World, the largest theme park in Latin America, which offers entertainment and fun for you.

If you like adventure, then you can not miss the opportunity to practice paragliding, a sport very tasty, which allows you to fly over the entire edge of the beach and analyze everything from the top.

More if you prefer something more quiet and peaceful, then take the time to perform the traditional boat trip through the most charming beaches of the Camboriú.

Anyway, what do not miss you at Camboriú is fun.

When to Go to Balneário Camboriú

To go to Camboriú is always good to look at everything before you go, in relation to climate, particularly, so we will detail best for you the best times to know this wonderful city.


The temperature of sea water for this region Camboriu beach ranges from 16 ° C in winter and 24 ° C on average in the summer, and autumn and spring is around 21 ° C. The hottest months are February and March

In summer, while hot, with a thermal sensation may even reach 40 ° C, the temperature hardly exceeds 33 ° C, and the average temperature in the summer in the city is 25 ° C.

In winter, the atmosphere changes completely, polar air masses reach the city, leaving the climate in most cloudy days and the average temperature not exceeding 14 ° C cooler in the mornings and can be observed at temperatures between zero and four degrees centigrade .

Summer is also the rainy season and the months of July and August is usually quite cold.


The high season runs from December to February, when the city receives many young people in search of nightlife.

For those who want to relax and enjoy the beaches, between March and May the days are very sunny and the movement is less, as well as the tariffs on trade.

How to arrive in Balneário Camboriú


The major airlines have direct flights from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro airport for the Mariners, distant about 20 minutes Camboriú. Alternative is to land at the airport of Florianopolis where airlines operate several flights to other cities.


Bus Terminal Camboriú
Av Sta Catarina, 347 - States
(47) 3367-2901


Camboriú is located about 80 km from Florianopolis, capital of Santa Catarina and about 220 km from Curitiba, capital of Parana. Access is by highway BR-101, which goes to the town. The road in the last two years was almost entirely duplicated and is in excellent condition. The travel time has improved a lot with a doubling of road and safety conditions are excellent.

Make a Suitcase to Balneário Camboriú

As we noted, Camboriú is a cool and pleasant, therefore, give preference to light and fresh clothes like shorts and blouses loop.

Do not forget to take bikinis, bathing suits and swimwear, as the delightful beaches are very inviting and the heat makes us want to freshen up.

However, remember that it is advisable to bring warm clothing, since the natural night is cool, then look to take a set of cold with you. Do not forget to also bring most fashionable clothes, for any overnight trips in social places.

Always remember to bring a kit with medicines and bandages for any accidents, it is always good to prevent, even in terms of cost, avoiding spending during travel and can make even more.

It´s also good to remember to bring accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, as well as digital cameras and camcorders to record every moment of your trip.

The shoes are essential for anyone who wants to go hiking, tree climbing and other sports that offers Camboriú. But if you´ll be good, just enjoying the beach, a sandal that´s enough.

Finally, prepare well before and after the trip short and very Camboriú without worry.

History of Balneário Camboriú

The creation of the municipality of Camboriú occurred only in 1964, when emancipated Camboriú going to have the same name but with the adjective "Stall" in corporate name. The first inhabitants of the region were indigenous.

The occupation began to occur with the arrival of Azorean Baltasar Pinto Corrêa. In 1848, became a district of the city of Itajai, called Neighborhood Bar with the construction of the Church of Our Lady of Good Success. In 1884, he was separated from Itajai, leading to the city of Camboriú.

The settlement of the region began in 1758 when some families from Porto Belo settled in a place called Our Lady of Bonsucesso later called Barra.

Attracted by the fertility of the soil and climate, other families came from Germany, coming from the valley of Itajai and Blumenau. In 1836, Peter Scaly arrived on the scene with his family and some slaves. Hence the former name of Garcia, in which the village was known.

In 1930, the superb location, began phase of occupation of the region preferred by swimmers and two years later, the first hotel was built at the confluence of the Central and Atlantic avenues.

In 1964, the district gained autonomy, passing the town with the toponym of Balneário Camboriú, amended in 1979 to Camboriú.

There are two versions about the origin of the toponym Camboriú. A popular source due to a sharp bend in the river near the mouth, says, when asked by someone looking for a person, residents there said: "camba the river", a word much used by local fishermen.

The second version is the priest´s Raulino Reitz: old maps and indicate the name Rio Camboriú before there were settlements in the area of ​​European origin.

The toponym Camboriú would, then, from Tupi, formed by the assemblage of words kamuri, which means "sea bass" ey meaning "water". According to this version, so "Camboriú" mean "water of sea bass."

Currently, the population is a mixture of descendants of Portuguese, Germans, Italians and Poles, a large majority and a minority of Japanese.

Security of Balneário Camboriú

The security Camboriú is great, with a well crafted infrastructure that caters to all types of tourists.

The largest order of the city is able to meet all the needs of visitors Camboriú, and especially do not let anything bad happen during your trip.

The city of Camboriú offers a guarantee for the most visitors. The city has security cameras scattered strategically by monitoring and providing greater peace of mind for residents and visitors.

The Fire Department, in addition to combat losses and is responsible for the service of lifeguards on beaches.

We also have the traffic agents of the municipal guard, whose duty is to oversee the movement, parking and stopping of vehicles on public roads.

The Military Police carried out the work in the summer "Operation Barriers", staying at the entrances and exits for access to the municipality, guaranteeing total protection.

The crime rate in the State of Santa Catarina is the lowest among all states in Brazil.

More still, it is always careful to do our part to contribute, therefore, to feel threatened by someone, contact the security post near you.

When leaving, take your belongings in a bag or backpack, and always keep in front.
For money, give preference to the use of credit cards, which does not call so much attention and is still safer in case of theft.

So, you make a trip safer and more peaceful.

Useful Phone Numbers of Balneário Camboriú


Military Police
(47) 3367-0811 or 190

Fire Department
(47) 3367-0193 or 193

State Traffic Police

Federal Highway Police

Hospital Foundation Camboriú
Rua Francisco Jose Bernardes 787
(47) 3365-2900

Maternity Santa Luzia
(47) 3360-3387
Nightingale Street, 99, Ariribá

Department of Tourism
(47) 3367-8122

Department of Health
(47) 3261-6200

(47) 3367-2901

post office
(47) 3367-2896

Airport Navigators
(47) 3342-9200


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