Baía dos Porcos

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The Bay of Pigs is one of the most beautiful views of Fernando de Noronha
The Bay of Pigs is one of the most charming places de Noronha. For starters, your main view is facing the Hill Brothers. Although beautiful, the beach is small, has more natural beauty charming, which can not be found in most anywhere. Their pools are lovely.

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The Bay of Pigs is nothing more than the side of the beach Cacimba Father and overlooks the Brothers Islands.

With a small strip of sand surrounded by dark rocks and volcanic origin on the shade of a huge cliff of 30 meters, the Bay of Pigs is, without doubt, one of the most perfect de Noronha.

It is at low tide that form the beautiful natural pools with a rich marine fauna, however, the practice of diving is prohibited for environmental reasons.

The Bay is only 100 meters long, and access and a little hard, done by way of slippery rocks.

At the high end, is the Fort of St. John the Baptist of the Two Brothers, the last fort this side of the island.


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