Baía de Castelhanos

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The Bay of Castilian is a lovely place, which allows charms and natural beauty never seen anywhere else. A calm and quiet place where you can stroll quietly and enjoy the breeze of the wind. You can also enjoy the waterfalls of the region and find out what the coast of São Paulo has in store for you.

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Castilian is the largest beach of the whole island, with about 1 km long. Open the bay of Castilians and directly facing east has a rough sea with huge waves of perfect formation, excellent for surfing. Some fishermen´s houses and a bar serving simple meals complete the picture.

By land, the only access is through the Castilians Highway 22 km crossing the State Park, west to east, right in the middle of the island. With poor condition of preservation, the Castilians Road can only be won by 4x4 wheel drive vehicles (click here for more on this road). By sea, Castilian is about 1 hour by boat from the beach Perequê.

Two rivers empty into Castilian, one at each end, and the left tip is much higher, creating a small shoal. At right end, the small island of the lagoon, very close to the beach, gives an interesting twist.

From Castilian there are trails to some of the most beautiful attractions of the island, as the waterfall or beach Tame Cat, Red Cat and Figueira.


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