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At Christmas time, the museum is the car all decorated and conducive to high photos
The Automobile Museum guarantees you an unforgettable experience. This is your opportunity to experience the cars the most beautiful and unique in the history of Brazilian auto racing. Models such as Emerson Fittipaldi McLaren that raced in 1974 can be seen and appreciated the close.

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The history of the Automobile Museum of Curitiba began in 1968 when a group of car enthusiasts old, founded the Club and Antique Automobile Mechanical Parana, CAAMP, in order to bring together lovers of these old machines, encouraging the preservation .

After eight years of activity, was founded in 1976, the Automobile Museum, which is currently one of the most significant of its kind in the country. The museum exhibits to the public a collection of over 150 vehicles belonging to members of CAAMP, constantly alternating 80 places in the museum and divided into categories antique, vintage, classic and milestones.

Among many, deserve highlights Ford models T Sport Runabout 1926, Erskine, FIAT 520 and STUDEBACKER 1928, HUPMOBILE Sport Roadster 1930 Ford Roadster and 1933 Chevrolet Master Sedan, Jeep and Amphibian PEUGEOT 202B 1942 CHEVROLET 1950 Station Style Line, 1952 Presidential CADILLAC Eldorado and 1953 single model exists in Brazil.

Also stand out, a French runabout Rotschil 1910, classics like the 1947 Lincoln Continental, the McLaren M23 (donated by Philip Morris) with which Emerson Fittipaldi has won the Formula 1 world champion in 1974, bicycles, motorcycles and various curiosities mechanical.

Take a trip to the past visiting the Automobile Museum and see these machines that marked the twentieth century.


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