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About Atibaia

Atibaia is a municipality in the state of So Paulo, Brazil. It is located at latitude 23 0701 "south and longitude 46 3301" west, with an altitude of 803 meters. Its population is 126,614 inhabitants, according to the census of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, 2010.

Famous for Flower Festival and Strawberry happens in the spring, Atibaia shows that has much to offer, especially for those traveling with family. In the hotels of the resort, the order is put parents to rest while the small end up in activities led by entertainers.

The animated couples, however, are also fun and adrenaline with cheap dual-gliding and paragliding. Romanticism also takes care of the place, allowing watch the sunset from the top of the big rock.

The Big Stone, postcard of the city, is at 1,450 meters above sea level and is accessible by hiking or climbing. Athletes are present even in the Book of Vuna, an environmental protection area with 23 miles of trails through the Atlantic forest, streams and waterfalls cutting and presenting the diversity of flora and fauna.

Who does not want to physical exertion must follow to Park Edmundo Zanoni, with forests, grasslands, lakes and ponds with pedal boats, or the Mill Dam, from where boat trips.

Atibaia also rhymes with good shopping. In the neighborhood are the Japanese Tank Shugo Izumi, ceramist who produces clay pots and dishes molded by hand, and the master Osamu Hidaka, an expert in growing bonsai.

Already in the neighborhood of the Gate, the attraction is the manufacture of carpets arraiolos. The pieces that follow techniques Portuguese, are available on the association of artisans.


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