Arraial d Ajuda

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About Arraial d Ajuda

Arraial d´Ajuda is a district of Porto Seguro, located in Bahia. The construction of buildings is prohibited by Heritage and the houses can reach only two floors.

Several parts of the world want to know this beautiful place. In the up-and-down the street from Mucugê, is back on the beach or hang out at night, the mixture of peoples and backgrounds sets the tone for Arraial d´Ajuda.

With so many different people, visiting or staying the time, met with village charm influences from around the world. Has Indian shop, bar Bahia, Thai restaurant, all, however, respecting nature. The colorful walls and buildings have very few trees are part of the decoration.

Separated from Porto Seguro by the river Buranhém, Camp was for many years, only accessible via ferry crossings. Today, a paved road connects the village to the rest of the world.

Despite the ease, little has changed there - and what has changed for the better: the charm was beginning to be lost in the late 90 was recovered with the improvements in the street Mucugê, who won pavement and many bars, restaurants and shops good taste.

On the issue of beaches, the charm remains untouched in Pitinga, centrinho the farthest, with bars, lodges and tents respecting the rustic and tropical village.


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