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Considered a reference treatment and exposure of animals, the Aquarium of Sao Paulo is the largest aquarium in Latin America. Opened in 2006, the aquarium has 9000 m² and 2 million liters of water. He is the only aquarium themed Brazil, and takes visitors to feel immersed environments, which have approximately 3000 specimens of 300 species of animals.

The Brazilian forests are portrayed in the first sector dedicated to freshwater, and which addresses issues such as pollution of rivers and endangered species. This wing of 3000 m² you can see the famous baby albino alligators, who designed the Aquarium of Sao Paulo internationally for being the only exhibition in the world, as well as alligators, lizards, iguanas and snakes.

The oceanarium is a real dive in the marine world. With over 1 million liters of water, this industry guests embark on a wreck, surrounded by sharks and rays. The mangrove coast and the rich variety of shapes and colors of the species of the oceans also delight visitors.

After a walk through the Valley of the Dinosaurs, with giant replicas of these beings, and a visit to a museum paleontologist, the surprise is on account of the giant bats on the island of Java, Indonesia, and a fun visit to the North Pole starring penguins.

Finally, the Sector Mammals, a fascinating tour through the Amazon jungle. Viewers giants have the Tapajos, a baby manatee that can also be enjoyed by a privileged view through a walkway on top of the enclosure. Monkeys, toucans, otters and anteaters complement this tour which also includes the presence of Thunder, a fur seal who loves to adventures in the water and waiting for visitors in a large pirate ship.


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