Angra dos Reis

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Angra dos Reis is a Brazilian from paradises that are worth to be cleared

About Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis is a Brazilian city, located in Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in the western state with an average height of six meters and features on its coastline, 365 islands.

The city was discovered by the Portuguese in January 6, 1502, being colonized from 1556. Before that, the area was inhabited by indigenous tribes tupinambás.

On his arrival, the Portuguese named the place of Angra dos Reis, in honor of the visit of the Three Magi to the infant Jesus, who is commemorated on this day. The village was initially built there the name of the Three Holy Kings Village after village of Angra dos Reis Angra dos Reis and finally.

It has an area of ​​816.3 km ². The neighboring municipalities are Parati, Rio Claro and Mangalore, in the territory Bananal and Rio de Janeiro and Sao Jose do Barreiro, on the Sao Paulo.

Its present importance comes from the fact that, as a subordinate installation, the marine terminal in the Bay of Ilha Grande, Petrobras, located in the East Side. The terminal moves large quantities of oil and position the port of Angra as one of the busiest in the country.

Today, because of the beauty of its beaches and the nearby regions, Angra became strong point of tourism not only statewide but also nationally. It has over three hundred islands, many owners by having national and international celebrities, the biggest of all being called the Big Island.

Angra dos Reis was blessed with a diverse and colorful marine life, making the region one of the best dive sites in the country. In addition to numerous species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans, turtles and moray eels can also be found in the media shipwrecks hidden under water.

But who bet on simpler equipment, masks and snorkels and not disappoint, because in the vicinity of the islands Boots, postcard of Angra, there is much beauty to be enjoyed underwater.

What to do in Angra dos Reis

In front of 365 islands, attractions abound. Among the islands that receive the most visits is Gipóia Island, where the beach is the Dentist, point partying youth who visit Angra dos Reis. It is there that you can find a bottling giant boats and yachts, forming a beautiful landscape.

But if you do not want to just look can take a boat trip through the various islands of Angra, renting a boat or taking advantage of the schooner tours Angra dos Reis offers. During the tour, you can stop to dive and experience the marine world.

By the way, the diving is also one of the most interesting attractions in Angra. The crystalline waters of the bay of Angra, added to the rich marine life, make the region one of the best dive sites in the country. In the islands, just a mask and snorkel to feel in the midst of an aquarium. Fans of deep diving shipwrecks in the party are hidden nearby.

Travelling to Angra dos Reis in the summer, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the beach provides you still participates in many festivals that attract many tourists and locals on the shake. There are several festivals, lively and busy taking care of the islands, different addresses, sometimes overnight, sometimes in the afternoon or even 24 hours of partying. Several of them are frequented by celebrities, giving you the opportunity to meet some of them.

When it comes to food, do not waste time, will go straight Vila do Frade, where are the best restaurants in Angra dos Reis, which has a different menu and caters to different tastes of tourists. Some other more expensive account, plus all willing to please all types of visitors.

After making a snack in Vila do Frade go to the old town and enjoy getting to know the history of Angra, with ruins and ancient buildings preserved and fallen by law. Churches, convents and cultural spaces await you in the historic center and show a bit of culture and history of Angra.

There are many sights of Angra, and certainly worth getting to know each of them, so plan your trip well and make the most of every corner that Angra dos Reis reservation.

When to Go to Angra dos Reis

In a place so perfect there is no ´best time´ to plan a trip there. More if you want to stay tuned in relation to climate and dates of some interesting events, enjoy our tips.

In relation to climate, Angra dos Reis climate is hot and humid, without dry season. The average annual temperature is around 24 ° C. The maximum range between 27 º C and 30 º C and minimum between 18 ° C and 21 ° C.

During the summer, despite the large influx of tourists, the risks of staying home with the constant rain are very high. The best times to travel to Angra are during the months of spring and autumn.

Reducing the amount of rain and mild temperatures make the region extremely pleasant and beautiful boat trips for diving, since without the rain, the visibility of the sea water is great for the sport. In the winter, are common sudden drops in temperature caused by the arrival of cold fronts accompanied by air masses of polar origin.

Now let´s talk about parties. For those who like something different for New Year´s Eve, the ideal is to spend New Year´s Eve in Cove and enjoy the New Year´s Sea Procession, where over a thousand boats participating. The procession leaves the beach and ends of the arrows in the late afternoon on the beach of indigo. The event takes place on 1st January.

The carnival is also a nice bed to spend time in Angra, gathers many tourists seeking fun and entertainment amidst the paradise islands of Rio.

Well worth a visit Kings Creek at any time of year, so do not miss this opportunity, pack your bags and go over there now.

How to arrive in Angra dos Reis


To arrive by plane, commercial airlines operate from the airports of Rio de Janeiro. In Angra dos Reis there is an airport for scheduled flights leaving from Rio de Janeiro and also for small private aircraft landing.

Airport in Angra dos Reis
Tel: (24) 3365-4073 / 3365-4668

Santos Dumont Airport - Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 3814-7070

International Airport of Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 3398-5050 / 3398-4526/3398-4527


New road from Rio, Rio de Janeiro, there are buses every hour. The trip lasts about two hours and forty five minutes.


Bus Angra dos Reis
Tel: (24) 3365-2041

Bus Terminal in Belo Horizonte
Tel: (31) 3279-3000 / 3271-8933 / bus station

Novo Rio Bus Terminal - Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 2291-5151

Tietê Bus Terminal - Sao Paulo
Tel: (11) 3235-0322


Starting in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, access by car and bus are the BR-101, the so-called Rio-Santos.

From Rio de Janeiro, following the end of Brazil Avenue and at the time of Santa Cruz, catch the beginning of the BR-101, after a tour of the Military Police. On the way are some cities, like Itacuruçá, Muriqui, Mangalore, Conception Jacareí, Jacuecanga and many other districts and cities. Be sure to enjoy the scenery that provides the highway, bordering the sea.

For departures from São Paulo has three options for reaching the coast, complete with interesting stops, as the city of Paraty. Take the Via Dutra (Ayrton Senna Highway). The access can be by Caraguatatuba, Ubatuba and Barra Mansa. The first option is for those in no hurry.

Lets meet some beaches and beautiful Caraguatatuba Ubatuba. To get to Angra, just follow the BR-101. To make the second path, the Via Dutra, take the road to Ubatuba at the time of Taubate. The descent is steep and requires a lot of attention and caution the driver.

Access by Barra Mansa is the least recommended. Despite winning time for further progress by Dutra, the part nearest the Creek is very dangerous. The track has no shoulder and there are many curves and tunnels

Make a Suitcase to Angra dos Reis

A trip must be well planned, not to place any kind of unforeseen and finish filling your head with things other than entertainment.

A very important item when we think about traveling is the climate of the place and that both will take the trip, so we decided to leave some tips on how to pack right to meet Kings Creek.

To begin, first of all, find out more about how the climate will be in Angra dos Reis in the period of your trip, to have more sense of how much and what clothes to take in the mail.

Only now, after learning about the weather, let the assembly of the bag. Always think of the possibilities of walks and occasional meetings, aiming it, look for clothes to take more social if you want to know some of the restaurants available in Angra.

As for the tours that take place during the day, the ideal look is fresh shorts and blouses, shoes and bikinis.

Remember that Angra dos Reis is a group of islands, so the night usually cools, due to the sea, so do not forget to bring a jacket in the bag, if you need to use.

To save, give preference to clothes that do not wrinkle so you do not spend on clothes dry cleaners who spend time and win.

Avoid bringing clothes with prints, it prints leave the most striking pieces, which in turn draws attention and if you need to use the number again will be a look that many remembered.

Another tip is to bring cool clothes in neutral colors that can match each other and with several other pieces, and other visuals you ride with a few clothes, saving space in your suitcase.

Take in the handbag accessories and items such as insect repellent, digital camera, medications, sunscreen, among other things.

Remember that weight is no quota for mail, then seek to organize your bag properly to reserve space for you to buy everything you want and do not exceed the luggage later.

History of Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis was pioneered by the Portuguese in January 6, 1502, after the discovery of Brazil when the Portuguese crown demanded that the captaincy was sent to a new colony to be explored.

The squadron commanded by the Portuguese navigator Gonçalo Coelho entered the bay of Ilha Grande on January 6, 1502. It was on Twelfth Night and for this reason named it Angra dos Reis. The rains and the weather hot and humid summer made the visit to Angra, a special moment. One member of the squadron, Amerigo Vespucci, wrote to Portugal:

´Sometimes I extasiei with the smells of trees and flowers and the flavors of these fruits and roots, so he thought me to be near the Earthly Paradise. And I will say the number of birds, the colors of their plumage and songs, how many and what beauty? I do not want to dwell on it because I doubt that I deem ´credit

At the time, the region was inhabited by Indians led by Chief goianases Cunhambebe. The initial nucleus formed at the place now known as Old Town, opposite the Island of Gipóia.

Creek was inhabited by the forest, the slaves left by explorers and navigators. Local activities were focused on hunting, fishing and small farming. At the time, the Big Island, called by the Indians Opauau Guaçu, was inhabited only by forest with no white residents. It was a place rich in woods with appropriate points for the construction of boats.

In the seventeenth century, with Angra dos Reis and still based in Vila Velha Vila, were constant raids by pirate ships along the coast Angrense. At this time the main activity there was livestock, fishing and subsistence agriculture.

They were the sons of the Captain-General of the Province of St. Vincent who made the place prosper. Several farms were formed in the region, with intense use of indigenous labor and slave.

Like most villages in Brazil, Angra had a strong influence of the Catholic Church. This region is the beautiful note that influence the amount of convents, churches, monuments and shrines, including the islands built as the Chapel of Our Lord of Bonfim, the Church of Santana and the little Church of Piety, blended with nature seem to come straight from the intact past.

In the eighteenth century Creek was part of the gold route, a path established and widely used by the explorers of gold from Minas Gerais. All production went to Portugal through several Brazilian cities and reach the sea through the southern coast, Rio de Janeiro.
This route was also used later to drain the coffee production of the Paraíba Valley, this time Angra invested in the production of sugar cane.

In the late nineteenth century, with the decline of coffee production and the abolition of slavery, the route from Angra, Vale do Paraíba and Minas lost economic importance, and is now an interesting eco-tour in the best-preserved stretches.

The railroad commissioned by Pedro II, which would connect the Rio to Sao Paulo through Angra could not overcome the numerous obstacles of mountains, streams and creeks, and failed to reach the port of Angra dos Reis, which ended up isolating it from since the beginning of the economic fervor of the Republican period.

The construction of the Shipyard Verolme in the 50s and the installation of a terminal landing by Petrobras, boosted activity in the region operate and kept the city´s economy for decades. In 70 years with the Brazilian nuclear program, Creek was chosen as the birthplace of eight plants of the initial project. Have been built so far only two, Angra I and Angra II, which run regularly without accidents, at least so far.

It was the promise of economic growth, but moved very little the city´s economy, with villages and independent resources and federal revenues. It has been great controversy today operate without much protest, but with many watchful eyes. Creek also housed the Institute Criminal Candido Mendes, built on the Big Island (beach of Two Rivers), which, largely because of this aberration, was deserted, and spared the growth of tourism for many years until it was abolished in 1992.

With the opening of the Rio-Santos highway, tourism became a great potential. The novels global germinated at Angra glamorous with their wonderful homes of VIPs and colunáveis ​​national and international.

In the 90s, with the closing of the Shipyard Dutch Verolme, the loss of importance of the oil terminal due to the petrochemical complex of Itaguaí, the uncontrolled growth of commercial fishing, Angra has turned to tourism and still learn to tame the activity.

In this new century has seen the return on investment in heavy industry, with the reactivation of the Shipyard.

Security of Angra dos Reis

Security in Angra dos Reis is one of the most exemplary of the country, police stations has tightly integrated and equipped for greater security, because it is a very popular tourist spot in the country.

Military Police

The patrolling of the city is in charge of the 2nd Company of the 33rd Military Police Battalion of the State of Rio de Janeiro (33 Battalion / 2nd Cia), headquartered in the district of Jacuecanga, telling the council with five detachments Policing ostentatious neighborhoods of Monsuaba, Spa, and Friar Serra d´Water, in addition to a squad responsible for policing the Big Island, whose headquarters is in the DPO in the Village of Abraham.
The headquarters of 33 Battalion, whose area of ​​responsibility also covers the towns of Mangalore, Paraty and Rio Claro, located in the district Mambucaba.

Civil Police

The responsibility for the judicial police in the municipality is in charge of the 166th Precinct Civilian Police, located in the city center, where also lies the 8th Regional Coordination of Police of the Interior (8th CRPI), which are subordinate, yet the police of cities of Mangalore, Paraty and Rio Claro.

Police Road

The BR-101 has a Federal Highway Police station at the entrance of Jacuecanga district, subject to the Police Station in Itaguaí PRF.

Fire department

The activities of civil defense, fighting the fire and rescue undertaken by the Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro in Angra dos Reis is the responsibility of the 10th Combat Team Fire Military, situated in the neighborhood park of palm trees and has a detachment in the neighborhood Frade and others in the Village of Abraham, on the Big Island. This GBM is also responsible for the towns of Mangalore and Itaguaí.

While Angra is well monitored and count with the help of many police officers, to do our part does not cost anything, so take care when going out alone, always carry your belongings in front of you, do not use public conduct after 22:00 hours and Emergency make immediate contact with the nearest police station you will.

Useful Phone Numbers of Angra dos Reis

Area Code: 24

Emergency Ary Parreira: 3365-1055
Fire Brigade - 10th GBM: 3365-0193/3365-0876/193
Municipal Civil Defense: 3365-1205
Police Department - Precinct 166: 3365-0027 and 3365-1522
Military Police - 2nd CIPM: 3365-1635 or 3365-0805
Police of the Port: 3365-0365 and 3365-0404
Airport: 3365-4668
Bus: 3365-2041


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