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The beautiful flowers of the park give a charm and make the most breathtaking scenery
The Amantikir is who rules the realm where are the flowers in magnificent gardens, designed and crafted to enchant and attract tourists for its beauty. Observe the gardens is increasingly impressive on so much beauty that Amantikir reservation. For those who like to stay in touch and understand a little more of the flowers, the park is a great opti

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Amantikir is an indigenous term that originated the word means Serra Mantiqueira and Crying. The site displays beautiful gardens in different parts of the world. Common in the United States and Europe, the gardens for contemplation together the art of gardening with a rich cultural program.

Open since August 2007, the Amantikir has 680 species of plants, divided into 22 spaces, where each shows a different culture.

The wonderful project is located in a prime spot for nature, and beyond the diversity of colors and forms of life, the resort offers a beautiful view of the mountains.

Contact with this plethora of plants conveys a sense of calm and quiet. Amid the beautiful scenery, some pleasant surprises excite the visit to the park. Like a maze made of bushes, where upon entering, one has for a few minutes, the feeling of challenge to be overcome.

Other symbols are present in Amantikir as another maze, made ​​of this grass, and represents the winding path that we must draw to grow inside, the place is often used for meditation and reflection.

There is also a small source of water full of fish, their format is a representation of the concepts of reason and emotion, two major variables of humanity.

The Amantikir it is a great project, and its successful start an attraction that promises to become a reference in Brazil and abroad.

Cultural events such as Tai Chi Chuan, exhibition and art classes form the cultural appeal of the park, adding to the diversity of nature, some cultural activities in an environment of reflection and inner peace.

Among Manacas Araucaria and the Sierra, many plants English, American and worldwide live in harmony with various types of birds and butterflies. Nature is full at the place where the gardens speak, establishing communication between man and his natural environment.

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