Águas de Lindóia

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About Águas de Lindóia

While in the 60, 70 and 80 Lindóia Waters was almost exclusive target seniors who came in search of luxury hotels and therapeutic baths, today the resort attracts families and young ago of fun and adventure, but with the same ease and the green areas of yore.

Nature, indeed, is the star of the new era, serving as a backdrop for activities like rafting, rappelling, trekking, cascading, zip lines, off road, riding and tree climbing, and flying free, practiced in Morro Pelado. The mountain is 1,400 meters above sea level and is one of the postcards of the region.

For those with children, sports divide attention with another attraction, the Tecnorama, a theme park where children and adults play of scientists and participate in dozens of experiments. The tour can be stretched further towards ranches and farms in the region, offering baths waterfall, trails, cow milking and afternoon coffee with many delicacies produced on the farm.

Old icon Lindóia Waters, Municipal Spa is the meeting point of all generations. The building, designed by modernist Arthur Bratke, was inaugurated in the 50s and gained even more glamor with mosaics Livio Abramo and landscaping by Burle Marx.

While small enjoy the pools and waterslides, the elderly do not give up the sources of mineral waters, immersion baths, massages and comfortable chairs around the garden, perfect for a rest after walking.

After spending so much energy, it is time to invest in the goodies. Although produced in Minas, but uniquely, the cheeses are the stars of trading Waters Lindóia. The offer is varied and meets the traditional middle-healing to sophisticated roquefort, gorgonzola and Emmenthal.


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