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The Acqua Mundo privileges since its inauguration, education, research and leisure. With this develops workshops, lecture series and offers visitors 49 precincts, with fresh water, salt, and terrariums aquaterrários with representations of various marine and terrestrial habitats.

With 1,446,560 liters of water and a total area of ​​5775 m², the Acqua Mundo is a true entertainment complex with a food court (taproom, ice cream and coffee shop), theme store, parking and greater exposure of aquatic organisms in South America .

The biggest attraction is the ocean tank with 800 gallons of saltwater, built specially for the exhibition of large shoals of fish and sea, and oceanic sharks.
The Acqua Mundo exposes several species of aquatic animals, representing the most diverse environments and zoological groups - sharks, penguins and other aquatic birds, freshwater fish and saltwater turtles and reptiles such as lizards, alligators and snakes.

Among invertebrates, freshwater fish and marine birds and mammals are in total 235 species of animals totaling 8000 animals on display. For the animals have a natural behavior, each room is a replica of the natural habitat of animals - so we have the mangrove, rocky shore, coral reef, rainforest flooded, the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, sandy beach, Contact Tank, where visitors can touch sea urchins, starfish, sea and shark pups. In addition, one of the attractions is the fur seal tank with an outdoor space and other covered focusing on the needs of the animal.


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